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  • 1 When was Aucnet listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange?

    March 29th, 2017

  • 2 What is Aucnet’s securities code?

    Aucnet’s securities code is 3964.

  • 3 How many stocks is the share unit number?

    The share unit number is 100.

    Please refer to “Basic Stock Information” to see other stock related information.

  • 4 When is the fixed date of dividend payment?

    December 31st for year-end dividend and June 30th for midterm dividend.

  • 5 Do you offer any shareholder benefit plan?

    Shareholder Benefits

    1. Beneficial Shareholder

    Beneficial shareholders are the ones who have more than 1 unit (100 shares) of Aucnet’s shares and have been written and recorded on the shareholders’ list as of December 31st each year. (Once a year)



    1. Shareholder Benefits
    Number of Shares Holding Period of Shares Shareholder Benefits
    More than 1 unit (100 shares) Less than 1 year A QUO card of JPY 1,000
    More than 1 unit (100 shares) More than 1 year QUO cards of JPY 2,000

     ※A QUO card: a prepaid card that you can use in certain shops in Japan


    The shareholder with holding period of more than 1 year means, the shareholder who have been written and recorded in the shareholders’ list with the same shareholder number over the last 1 year including the base date which is December 31st in each year.

    In Aucnet, shareholders are confirmed in each quarter. Therefore, the shareholders are required to hold more than 1 unit (100 shares) of Aucnet’s shares and to be written and recorded on the shareholders’ lists with the same shareholder number at every timing of the most recent 1 year (March 31st, June 30th, September 30th, December 31st (and the time of special confirmations if any).

    If the shareholders use a lending stock service of a securities company, the ownership of the shares lent will be transferred to the borrower and shareholder number will be changed when the ownership of the shares is transferred back to the original shareholders, and it will not considered as the continuous shareholding.

    Also, in a case that the shareholder number is changed because of the situation such as inheritance, the past period of shareholding will not be counted, and start counting from the base date after a new shareholder number is issued.



    1. Timing

    It is scheduled to be posted with the shareholders resolution notice that is sent after the ordinary shareholders’ meeting held in March every year.

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About our business


  • 1 What kind of businesses does Aucnet provide?

    Aucnet Group mainly offers members-only online auctions in the BtoB reuse and resale market.

    The Automobile Business, carrying out total support services for used cars, the Digital Product Business, handling used digital equipment, and Consumer Product Business, handling pre-owned luxury brand items, are our three major segments. Moreover, we are involved in flowers, used motorcycles and medical-related businesses, etc. in the Others segment.
    We pursue circular distribution with our partners all over the world, based on our policy “Shaping the Future of Commerce”, without clinging to our existing business.