Captured a growing market: Digital Products Business


Aucnet has the capability to adapt its “Operational Expertise”, “Information Reliability” and “Systems Optimisation” to virtual online auctions in various business fields, as we mentioned before.



The digital product business started transacting used mobile phones and tablet devices in 2013 and has grown to account for 20.7% of Aucnet’s total sales in 2018.

Capable handling of next-gen distribution systems

Aucnet developed a real-time web system using web socket communication technology which is the premier international standard in Internet transactions.  The adoption of this technology that facilitates duplex communication has allowed us to develop next-generation distribution systems.


We continue to develop cutting edge web-based technologies to satisfy the present and future requirements of our customers.  Our platforms overcome constraints of time, location and circumstance to bring about the future of information distribution and efficient B2B trading.


Vision of future virtual auctions
Vision of future virtual auctions


Development and utilisation of IT systems is vital to reduce distribution costs. We believe that in an age where the average consumer can access and understand the concepts of product re-use via online second hand trading platforms, the key for our success is user-friendliness and ultrafast response.

Aucnet’s business model required all over the world

Global trading barriers are expected to be lower in the future. The auction of used products will accordingly extend overseas and we will see more and more transactions between diverse players all over the world.


The needs for Aucnet’s business model will increase, particularly in countries that do not have well-established “Information Reliability”.  These are countries where we can focus our expansion and improve distribution systems with the greatest results.  Aucnet has already started to expand in South-East Asia.  We will keep actively seeking ways to expand based on regional and national market requirements around the world.

Be a company that is truly “Shaping the Future of Commerce”

We aim to connect buyers and sellers who are separated geographically and thereby provide our customers with new business possibilities, so that we can lead the world to the next step of the future. Aucnet group is a company that creates "connections" between people and products.


We will pursue services that our customers need and want through continuous innovation.


“Shaping the Future of Commerce”


Aucnet will deliver an abundant future by changing distribution services around the world.