Reason 1. Information Reliability

Take the example of used vehicles.  Each has different color, equipment, model year, mileage, wear and tear, etc. vehicle identification number two used vehicles are exactly the same.


People cannot purchase such products without viewing the actual product, unless there is reliable information provided by meticulous inspections.


Thus, Aucnet established a company specialized in used vehicle inspections called AIS Inc. to provide credibility and reliability through third party inspections. AIS inspections incorporate know-how gathered from inspections conducted on over 700,000 vehicles annually for over 20 years. 170 certified inspectors nationwide carefully check over 300 points per vehicle.


AIS inspections are supported by the used vehicle divisions of the leading Japanese vehicle manufacturers Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Subaru.  AIS has become an industrial de-facto standard as a mark of reliability in the used vehicle industry.

In addition, Aucnet was the first online flower auction in the world to achieve the MPS Floricultural Industry Comprehensive Certificate, which is an international certification for freshness and quality management in the flower industry..


In the digital products field, Aucnet established a joint venture in Japan with Blancco Oy Ltd, which boasts the world’s top share in data erasure software. We have set up a comprehensive system to for erasure of personal information, inspection and grading.


Aucnet has established systems that enable our customers trade with peace of mind in all the business fields in which we provide services.

Reason 2. Developing distribution
Optimizing System Platforms

Aucnet’s history is a history of systems optimization.


The technology used for the world’s first TV auto auction was LaserDisks. From there we have progressed to satellite communications, through dial up Internet and broadband. We now use the latest version of WebSocket communication technology which enables interactive communication in Web real time. 



Aucnet is continuously utilizing the latest technology and developing optimal systems with an eye to the future of information distribution.

Reason 3.Harmonious distribution systems based on Operational Expertise

Based on trust and reliable systems, Aucnet provides peace of mind for both buyers and sellers.  It facilitates smooth transactions between businesses and builds optimized systems for processes including offering products for sale, logistics and payment settlement.


Since its beginnings in the used vehicle industry, Aucnet has extended its offerings to other sectors such as used motorcycles, cut and potted flowers, used luxury brand items, used digital products and used medical equipment,vehicle by accumulating unique operational expertise in each sector in addition to its auction operations.


1. Flower logistics centre in which on average 10,000 cases of flowers are processed per auction and over 20,000 cases processed on public holidays

Used luxury brand item inspection result registration system

Continuously developing services that only Aucnet can provide


Aucnet’s business fields outside of auctions are expanding.


For instance, we provide a web site called “” to market used vehicles and attract potential customers for our members and their retail sales operations.  Another example is our appraisal service that combines auction inspection results and sales data to calculate a trade-in value for vehicle dealers.  Also, we publish an online magazine called “Baiku no Madoguchi” that provides marketing support, retail sales support and business management support for our members in the motorcycle business sector.

Aucnet actively develops business support services for its customers.