An auction company distributing products “based purely on information”... What does this mean?

What kind of image do you have when you hear the word “auction"?


Fine arts auctions? Fish market auctions? Charity auctions?


Normally, you imagine sellers, buyers and products are gathered all together at one auction site, don’t you?


This is the auction booth located in Aucnet’s office.

Bid prices are constantly changing on an array of monitors and the words “closing bid” are displayed one after another.


There are no sellers, buyers nor even products in this auction booth, and yet our auctions run smoothly with participants from all over Japan and around the world.


Only the product information and bidding prices are transmitted in Aucnet’s auctions.


Aucnet is a company that runs auctions based purely on this information and does not have any physical auction sites.


Auctions for professionals: fairness and transparency

Participants in Aucnet’s auctions are registered members who pay membership fees to use Aucnet’s auction services. Member sellers and buyers are professionals in their industries such as used cars, used motorcycles, flower growers, flower shops and secondhand traders.


Aucnet currently deals with products such as used vehicles, used motorcycles, used mobile phones, used laptops, luxury brand items, flowers and used medical equipment. What they have in common is that these products need reliability of information to be distributed based on fair, transparent markets.

Developing markets with IT systems and information reliability

Aucnet was established in 1985 starting with the world’s first TV auctions which received the highest award from the Nikkei Ryutsu Shinbun, now known as the Nikkei Marketing Journal, in 1985.  Aucnet’s founder realized that the used vehicle auctions sites that were emerging at that time were beneficial for the used vehicle industry, but the transportation of vehicles and participants to and from the auction sites was time-consuming and expensive.


He was seeking a way to transact used vehicles while allowing participants to stay in their office and without physically moving people or vehicles. The company name, Aucnet, is a portmanteau derived from the words “Auction” and “Network”.


In fact, Aucnet is an IT company. We have developed markets by using cutting edge technologies and networks as well as making innovations in information distribution.